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Viper Ultimate doesn't charge past 31%

  • 29 July 2022
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I've a Viper Ultimate Mercury that is not charging past 31%. I updated to the latest firmware, but still the issue persists.

I'm using the charging cable and not the dock.

Synapse Details:

OS: Windows 10

I've collected all the logs too.
One thing I've noticed in the mouse battery log (Mouse_007a_Battery.log):

CRSy3_Feature::RemoveDevice: WARNING! Incoming Pid (0x007b Name=Razer Viper Ultimate Mercury) does not match the Pid for this module (0x007a, Path=C:\\ProgramData\\Razer\\Synapse3\\Service\\Bin\\Devices\\AvaT1\\)

Unable to attach the logs as it is warning that it is too big ~25MB.

Please let me know how to share the logs.

Thanks In Advance.

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I'm able to charge via dock. I've never used the dock.
Not sure whats up.

If any details required, let me know, I can share the logs.