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What are the default key values the Tartus V2 "joystick" D-pad ? **Solved**

I am trying to use the Tartus V2 "Joystick"/D-pad for movement in Fallout 4 to start with. I have had some success with 4-way WASD, but the controls are mushy. I have seen in various places that the "joystick" is assigned to the arrow keys by default, though some posts claim it should be seen as a "joystick" device by some games. I can use my Logitech F710 controller with this game, so joystick support is enabled for Fallout 4. It does not see the Tartus as a joystick though, even after setting it as the default joystick device in windows.

There seem to be 3 ways to program the D-Pad for movement. They would be:
1: Use the "joystick" functionality if the game supports it. Fallout 4 does have joystick support but it doesn't see the Tartus as a joystick device and I have no idea why. :slightly_sad:
2: Use 4-way D-Pad keybinds with WASD. Which I already stated is mushy at best, and misses the (X+Y) Etc positions a GREAT deal of the time.
3: Use 8-way D-Pad keybinds with WASD, using Macros (X-,Y- = W, A), Etc on the Diagonals, 0Sec. Delay, and "Play While Pressed" Playback
Can someone confirm for me whether games should see it as a "joystick," or whether they just see it as the arrow key inputs? I have seen conflicting posts, and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer that I can find.
PS. Any better way to do this would also be appreciated if I'm missing something here...

*****Update #1
3a: So I changed the Macro Delay time. It seems that 0sec on each keypress was very stuttery, and now I am getting some pretty smooth 8-way movement by setting delays as follows:
W press(0sec), A press(.01sec), A release(.1sec),W release(.01sec) while still using the "Play While Pressed" Playback.

It turns out Fallout 4 has "controller" support, but not " joystick" support for use with an Xbox Controller, but you can't use an analog joystick, like my Logitech X-52 HOTAS, for example.

After realizing I had been confusing forums regarding the Tartus V2 & Tartus Pro, I've concluded that there is no way to set the D-Pad to function as a joystick. The "Joystick & Controller" functionality referred to for the Tartus Pro is only available on the 01-20 keys because they have the analog functionality required for use as a joystick. The D-Pad keys are mechanical, meaning the input can either be On or Off, but not scaling. For example, there is no ability to scale the input from walk, at a small amount of keypress, to then run, at full keypress on the D-Pad keys. This IS possible with the 1-20 keys because they have the scaling nature of the "Analog Optical" switches in them, and this is the "Joystick" functionality referred to by Razr for this product. I really wish they had switched the D-Pad out with an analog joystick for this model to compliment the "Analog Optical" switches on the rest of the keypad, and allowed 8way programming of that joystick for people waiting to use it as a HAT for shortcuts rather than navigation in the Synapse software.
The bottom line is that you can use a 4/8-way WASD style analog "Joystick" functionality on the D-Pad, but that is it unless the game your playing recognizes "joysticks" natively, not a controller, but a joystick specifically. It may be You can also set up the 1-20 keys to function as an axis of a joystick, but only on those keys. If you are using the default WASD style movement on the #8,12,12,14 keys, the ability to scale your input on those keypresses as if it was a joystick is a superior way to navigate with them. However, for those wanting to have the best control of using the thumbstick for WASD navigation, they should see my delay settings in the 1st update to this post.

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