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why did razer downgrade my laptop?

  • 1 May 2019
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really hoping its all just a misunderstanding but I just sent my laptop(2018 15 advanced 144hz) to service center and now it has a 60 hz screen with no option to switch to 144? and this email seems to state that the mobo, lcd, and cpanel were replaced? why? it just got hung on a bios update. now I have a computer that dosent registier its 8th gen processor, cant run at 144 hz and dosnt register the m.2 either. feels like I got a downgraded and payed a whole bunch of money for a piece of …..any way ive messaged all parties I could just curious if some one knows of an issue im missin here? that maybe im jjust freakin out cause only being 6 month old from its manufactured date on case its some how lost a lot of what I paid for.

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Hello. I'd like to look into this. Can you send over the case number through PM? Please include the link as well. I'll take it from there.