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Anyone have any insight on how to fix notifications?

  • 12 June 2022
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So evidently (never even knew...) synapse is supposed to present notifications when changing profiles or DPI etc.

I had a ton of stuff broken with synapse but was on a very very old windows 10 install so i just sucked it up. I recently installed windows 11 clean, found out about the notifications that were supposed to be present, and thought it was odd that I didnt get them on a fresh windows 11 install.

I didsabled GFE overlay as supposedly that can interfere, but I dont even get notifications while on the desktop. I did a repair of synapse, the result is the same.

is this just busted?

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Notifications were working for me, but maybe the last update broke it. Or maybe I just need to restart my PC.
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well, i guess perhaps its just timing then. if they were working and they now arent, ironically enough i had them disabled up until just today. maybe i installed and enabled/tested at the exact wrong time if an update was pushed that created issues.
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Notifications are now working for me. Didn't even restart my PC or Cortex.
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thanks for the update. it must be something with my hardware config then. id have gone with my "windows install" but this ones fresh and its still not working. i assume they dont use the conventional windows alert center notifications and use some proprietary notifications of their own?

perhaps its due to using multiple monitors, or scaling, or who knows i guess.
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Yeah, they're proprietary notifications. Like an overlay that pops up. However, Cortex 10 uses Windows notifications for Paid to Play (when launching and closing a Paid to Play game, for example). Do you get those notifications?
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i dont have cortex installed but perhaps i will and see. if i were a betting man they would though as I have no problems with any other windows notifications.

now that you mention it, the only other thing i know of that has proprietary notifications is GFE for driver updates and i dont get those either so i think we're onto something there. somehow non conventional notifications dont want to display.
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from a thread i found while googling that popped up on the MS forum. This was the response the individual received from Nvidia support regarding some notifications not working

If you have any of these consider uninstalling them temporary and see if that helps. With at least Razer Synapse, Kaspersky, and Keybots, disabling the software won't help, it must be completely removed/uninstalled from the system. Please restart system after uninstall.
a. Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Internet Security
b. Razer Synapse software
c. ASUS KeyBot (Installed with ASUS MB)
d. ASUS GameFirst (Installed with ASUS MB)
e. Panda Cloud anti-virus
f. AVG Internet Security
g. K9 web protection software
h. ESET nod32 Antivirus
i. Razer Kraken APO Helper (installed with Razer Kraken 7.1 USB headset)

I have b. installed obviously, none of the rest (though i do use a tiamat 7.1 i dont believe it requires or installs anything)

wonder if its something with GFE + Synapse even though you'd like to think them cancelling eachother out or screwing eachother up would be long resolved as theyre both really likely to be installed together on a lot of systems. that being said, a response straight from nvidia saying to remove it.

obviously not an option, i use some of the synapse features extensively for better or worse. i'm more likely to remove GFE lol.