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HID-CLASS USB DRIVERS for Mice/Keyboards

  • 9 April 2022
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Is there a way to update HID-Class mouse and keyboard driver? I do not run Synapse on my system 24/7. Usually I just install it to tweak my devices and put my created profiles to on-board memory and then uninstall Synapse. I use the onboard memory only.

My devices: Viper 8kHz and Huntsman V2 TKL

Explain to me how drivers work. Is there a newer/better driver than these I have? (adding 2 pictures from device manager)

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2 Replies

The pictures
Since you're not very active or willing to help, I figured it out myself.
In short:
1. Plug in your Razer devices.
2. Install Synapse 3
3. Configure your devices and save your configuration profiles to on-board memory
4. Remove folders from Synapse installation directory (in my case it was RzComDriver, PID026bDrv and PID0091Drv)
5. Uninstall Synapse.
6. If drivers are still not there, then go to these folders and reinstall them.
7. Now you have Razer drivers, functioning profiles and no Synapse on your system.