Kraken V3 Pro mic became extremely quiet at discord after update 3.8.1031.110912 | Razer Insider

Kraken V3 Pro mic became extremely quiet at discord after update 3.8.1031.110912

  • 16 November 2023
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Hi everyone!

I use Kraken V3 Pro headset.

Does anybody faced with a quiet microphone sound after the update 3.8.1031.110912? My friends used to be able to hear me perfectly at 100% microphone volume in discord, but after this update I can barely be heard, that even increasing the volume of my voice in discord to 200% helps poorly.

I'll note that the problem is definitely not in the microphone, because the problem manifested itself immediately after the update, exactly in the middle of the session in CS2 (I had to restart my computer, and after restarting and logging into discord, the difference was immediately noticeable).


27 Replies

ya I'm have the same problem since the update

Im having the same  issue. I wanted to try and uninstall drivers but.. some  reason its greyed out. I have tried removing.. re-installing synapse software.. everything maxed out volume… voice is barely picking up  in speech recognition.. everyone complaining my voice is too          quiet in  discord. Nothing seems to increase the volume. Voice also randomly is a normal volume off and on for no apparent reason.

I’m having the same issue with Razer Nari Essential. Tried reinstalling Synapse, the drivers and changing the system settings but with no success. 

Same problem, my microphone is basically unusable at this point.

Same here on my Black Shark v2 Pro

same problem with razer kraken kitty edition

same. wow I have been trouble shooting for 2 weeks now because I thought I accidentally changed something or my mic went bad..


did anyone find a solution? what is razer saying??

I am also having the same problem.  C’mon Razer!

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I should note that the update, which was released on November 29th, solved the problem with the Kraken V3 Pro that I pointed out in this thread - now the microphone works at a normal volume, and my friends no longer turn the volume of my voice to maximum in Discord.


Is there an update? Neither the app nor the website lists any updated version.

Kraken V3 Pro is still having mic issues everywhere I use it. Is there a fix?

What is the name of this update und were can i get it?

Did anyone ever find a solution to this issue? Or did Razer put out another update or anything? I’m experiencing the same issue and all I keep saying is “I don’t understand how this is an issue when it was working completely fine before.” I’m getting so f’n fed up with this.

Same here with Kraken V3 Pro, also came with the driver update in November. This is really annoying, tried every configuration, did a clean driver reinstall, even a windows reinstall. It’s unusable since my game mates can hardly hear anything. Switching back to my old headset now…

+1 :(
Microphone settings don't work at all…

RAZER, we are waiting for the update! :(

same here, waiting for the update please!

Cmon Razer sort it out, my daughters Kraken Kitty mic is totally fubar’d since the update.

I am in the same boat. I bought this headset last year and just started my first game stream tonight.


Voice was super quiet and distant even though I was talking very loudly.  I have everything possible boosted to be heard.  Just not enough. 


If this gaming headset is not good enough to game with…. come on Razer, I put a lot of investment with you over the years.

Just to add another +1 to this. This was all working fine until an update has changed something. I don’t recall exactly when my issue started, however it has been going on for quite some time. I’ve searched all over the interwebs to see many people reporting this same issue across various Razer headsets, with no response from Razer and no fixes that work.

It’d be really nice to get some kind of response from Razer regarding this issue. AUD$300 is a lot of money to spend on a headset that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Same here :(

I have the same issue , I need to reconnect my dongle every 10-15 minutes to make it work properly.

+1, switched from kraken v2 7.1 to v3 pro, and friends says the ptev mic was perfect compared to this, wth

+1, my mic is too quiet

Same issue on discord. Mic volume is 100%. my friend has to increase his volume to 200% and still barely able to listen.

+1 just here to say as of may 4th this issue is still present


edit: this seems to just be an issue between razer and discord app, if you use the web browser version of discord you can get around this issue, but still… razer please look into this!