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Razer Naga V2 Hyperspeed's battery level in Synapse

  • 19 October 2023
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Just received my Razer Naga V2 Hyperspeed. Everything seems to work except battery meter in Synapse.

This is what’s shown in the main window:

But this is shown after clicking on the mouse:


I just did firmware update to the mouse, restarted the computer, tried another battery - still same. I’m using the dongle. Synapse otherwise seems to be working fine. Just recently used my old Naga Chroma and Atheris. Issue only appears with the new Naga.


Is it a Synapse bug? Is there a fix?



5 Replies

I have the same issue. I have been in contact with Razer support and they are having me do all sorts of things. I am going to test it soon at a friend’s PC which is one the things they suggest. 


I had this problem from the start when I got the mouse so I really think it’s a general issue. I don’t know if it would work returning the mouse at the store I bought it and get a new one. Might have to try that as well.


Other people are having this issue as well and no one has ever posted a solution. Whether to get a new mouse or get a software fix. This is why I have low confidence in this being resolved. :(

After doing all sorts of things Razer support said that they identified the issue but are unable to give a timeline when it will be fixed. It’s been awhile now. I don’t use that mouse right now and might sell it anyway.

Ye I am affraid that they just have a software issue since the mouse battery shows when it is connected via bluetooth. So instead of having us reinstall all software ever installed on the PC and switch out every single other component one by one they should just work on getting it solved and stop asking customers to do stupid stuff that will make anyone give up.

I think they just have an issue in the software since it works ok with showing the battery percentage with bluetooth.


So instead of asking people to do all sorts of stuff that is so time consuming and pointless they should just say they are working on it and then get it fixed. The amount of stuff you have to go through will make anyone give up.

I guess doing all that stuff is just part of the protocol. Maybe I was the first one to actually report it.