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Razer synapse 3

  • 4 October 2023
  • 5 replies

is someone have a problem like this since the update of razer synapse ?

5 Replies

Yes. This is incredibly frustrating as everything was working perfectly for me up until the last update. I did some research and apparently this is a very common issue (synapse being a terrible piece of software). The software can’t detect my mouse and to fix this I usually have to completely abandon the idea my Razor Basilisk being a wireless mouse and plug it in directly to my pc. This and restarting the software 7000 times makes it work SOMETIMES. Probably gonna have to wait for another update to roll out and hope they don’t break more things. Honestly I wish they offered older versions of synapse 3, so when they inevitably break synapse 3 for the 100th time I can download the older working version.  Sorry I’m frustrated and annoyed. 

bro i was trying to fix this the hole day like i have the viper 8khz and my now my devices are with frabic settings which means 8000hz polling rate but my pc is not strong enough to process all that so ye idk what to do like if i go to play roblox to spin the camera go with delay because my pc can’t handle with it im a step to take this mouse and keyboard to trash man im done 

i do have same issue here for 2 week(mouse and keyboard green circle continue)and cant identify.also profile cant switch and configure. send report back to Razer Support they will reply you any update by e-mail. you are not the only one who encounter this malfunction.

For me i solved the issue by downloading cortex, as soon as i did everything was fixed.

Synapse dont work