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Remove the warning in Synapse when your Razer Headset is not set as a default in Windows

  • 10 December 2023
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Please remove this warning or let me close it in some way. I use a mixer software (Wave Link in my case).

I set up virtual audio inputs and outputs as default windows audio devices and then connect it with the Razer Blackshark v3 Pro in the software. The way the Synapse software was changed in this way, means I can’t configure anything anymore, without changing the default device.

Probably people using other software like Voice Meter, Voicemod or Sonar will have similar issues.​​​​​​

4 Replies

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I have the same thing and I have my setup with my Elgato software so I can have multiple outputs to set different levels of sound for voice, game, browser etc.

I have the same problem. my elgato software needs to be on, and now with your new update I might have to get rid of the headsets all together. 

I have the same exact problem with Voicemeeter. It’s incredibly inconvenient to have something as simple as the headsets default volume setting be locked behind a “default device” setting, or the microphones sidetone.

The fact that it saves what you set while it’s the default device, after you’ve swapped back to your normal default device (Voicemeeter), proves that it’s entirely unnecessary/cosmetic to block access. Previous versions of synapse didn’t block the headset/mic settings.

I don’t understand why they would want to give users LESS control over their audio experience with Razer products. It’s counter-intuitive...

Having the exact same “default device” issue with my Leviathan V2 (I also use Voicemeeter).  I have no idea why Synapse thinks that sound devices need to be the default before it will allow configuration of the device -- or, for that matter, why Synapse will silently override default audio device settings in Windows to set its devices as the default without user permission to do so (breaking Voicemeeter every time).  It’s undesirable behavior.  I also hope there’s a fix for this soon, because for now, I’ve had to completely disable Synapse on boot and I don’t run it so as to preserve my sound config, and not being able to configure any of the settings for my Blackwidow V4 Pro or Basilisk, as well as the Leviathan, is really unfortunate.  Also causing me to re-evaluate my prior commitment to/evangelism of Razer products.