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Stupid New Global Shortcuts Synapse 3

  • 2 March 2021
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Warning: Rant inbound...

I just updated to Syanpse 3 version Prior to this update, I had global shortcuts for my lighting profiles (ex: Hypershift + 0 for my default). Now since the update, 2 things have happened, which are EXTREMELY stupid.

First, The "shortcut" is now Shift + Ctrl + Hypershift + 0 for my default, with no way to make it shorter. I try to delete it and re-add without shift and ctrl, and it adds them automatically.

Second, the right-side Shift and Ctrl, which are right near the Hypershift key, are INVALID for these shortcuts. I have to use the left-side keys, meaning it takes 2 hands to change my lighting profiles. What the hell is this crap?

Let me use the right-side keys, AND let me REMOVE the need for shift and control.....

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3 Replies

Nice to see that I am not the only one dealing with this, hopefully its just a bug because I agree with you, it is extremely stupid.
am i the only one who had their thx spatial sound profile removed? I really hope it's just a bug or something because if it isn't it's a fucking stupid update, it has completely changed the way everything sounds for no reason.
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Man my hashtag key went silent after this update i hate this update so very much ruinned my keyboard rgb, I don't even know what dev team was thinking..