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Toggle Hypershift

  • 25 November 2023
  • 4 replies

Is there ever going to be a toggle function for the Hypershift? Having to constantly hold a button to enable it is really throwing off my gameplay because it’s forcing my hands into positions that I do not normally have them in. I can’t put it on a primary key that is used more often for necessary functions that are more vital to the actual game because then I’d have to remap that function to another key that I’m also not used to. All the threads I have been able to find are multiple years old at this point so I don’t want to see this idea die out since I’m not the only one that wants this and Razer apparently has not bothered to implement their customers opinions.

4 Replies

I completely agree. I hope it is going to be in Razer Synapse 4, if it ever comes out. But if Razer could just implement this one idea, it would make customers a lot happier. Pay a programmer $1000 to code for 30 minutes and get that feature on Synapse! We all want it! C’mon, Razer! You are a muti-billion dollar company! Listen to the people now!

I'd really like this simple, easy, feature some have been asking for for years now to be implemented, but it doesn't seem like razer cares

Just switched over from a steelseries sensei (which I loved btw) and was hoping to utilise all 4 side buttons on my Viper. It is quite disappointing that there is no way to assign functions to the other 2 buttons (not thumb side) without having to hold down some trigger button. 

I see the idea behind the triggering, because this does allow you to remap all the buttons, but why in god’s name would you have MB4 and 5 do the exact same thing on both sides. You can shift the set up between left or right handed so this makes absolutely no sense. The other side should be MB6 and 7. 


Please allow for the separation of these buttons. 

I also hate having to hold the hypershift, so I’m also hoping that Razer will give us this obviously useful feature.


I had an idea for a work-around where we could use a different utility (such as “AutoHotKey”) in which we CAN implement a toggle, and then have it somehow SIMULATE the holding down of the hypershift key so we don’t have to do it manually.


I think I might have been clever enough to pull this off a few decades ago but don’t have the brain power any more. Are there any clever young geniuses that care to give this a try (or debunk it if you know why it can’t work)?