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Not Just Words - Action. Thank You for Doing, not Saying!

  • 30 March 2022
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Sustainability is a word that I think 90% of companies that use DON'T mean. If they do something sustainable, it's the quick token gesture and then it's forgotten about.

The company I work for has talked sustainability changes for a few years but has only recently fully pushed it this past year, though individual offices had been making the push. With us, it's going to stick because of it's people, but most companies aren't good at following through.

To see Razer hardcore publicly do what they're saying though is phenomenal. And the Sneki stuff is genuinely out of this world. Who doesn't love a cute mascot planting 10 trees at a time? Four Sneki items in this house, with more magnets on the way in the future. Carboard for recycling, tissue paper that can be recycled, and today the plastic wrap protecting my new Blade 15 is bio-degradeable.

Words put into action. Thank you, Razer.

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This is the first i'm hearing of a Sneki item!

Thanks for the research topic.

I totally agree with you on sustainability, Razer is doing great the recent packaging from laptop stands to full-on systems have a premium feel still but notices about biodegradable materials. I'm all for the subtle packaging too, i love it when I get a plain brown biodegradable cardboard box with a shiny new product inside that is undamaged and still retains the quality I know to expect from Razer.

Kudos to innovations that customers can get behind.