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SUSTAINABILITY | Go Green Community Program Q&A

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Hey Insiders!

This Q&A thread is created to clarify any questions or doubts you have with regards to the #GoGreenWithRazer Community Program. Leave your questions down below and we'll be happy to help!

Common FAQ's

Q: Can I complete more than one activity tier?
A: Yes, you can. But you will only be rewarded based on the highest tier you complete. (i.e. If you submit entries for 5x Silver tasks and 1x Platinum task, you will only be rewarded with the prizing for Platinum (2000 Razer Silver).)

Q: I have completed 3 months’ worth of activities, but not consecutively, do I qualify for the exclusive Razer Swag rewards?
A: No, you do not qualify for it. You have to complete the activities for 3 consecutive months.

Q: Am I still eligible for the rewards if I cross-over and complete the activities from the different tiers (i.e. 3x Silver tasks and 2x Gold tasks)?
A: No, you are not eligible. You have to complete the activities from ONE tier to be rewarded.

Q: Must I complete the tasks from the same tier for 3 consecutive months to earn the exclusive swag?
A: No, you can choose a different tier each month and you will still qualify for the rewards. However, within each month, you must complete the activities from ONE tier.

Q: Can I continue to participate in this program even after earning the exclusive rewards for completing the activities for 3 consecutive months?
A: Yes, you will earn the Razer Silver accordingly.

Q: How am I going to receive my rewards?
A: We will contact you via Razer Insider.

For Razer Silver, we will send you a code that you can redeem.
For Razer Swag, we will require your shipping address and have the prizes sent to you.

For entry submissions, please visit the thread here.

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Is there no longer an option to enter without buying Sneki Snek merch? I have been looking forward to participate and earn the 3-month Razer loot, but I don't own merch. Can I no longer participate in this program?
So when will month #2 start?

Hey SirJayDee!

The second month for our #GGWR Community Program has started, you may head to our new thread to submit your entry!
I wanted to partake in the 3 months challenges, however, the thread is somehow closed and I can't post anything anymore, also there are still no new tasks for octobre i think? Am I missing something or isn't the challenge going to continue?

Hey CynicalBarbiie, we've locked the thread for the first month of entries as it has already ended. The second month of our #GGWR Community Program has just started, and you may head to our new thread to submit your entry!
Hello! I have a follow-up question now that new goals have been released. the post states that "As long as you have completed 2 monthly tasks, you will be eligible for the bonus Razer swag"-does this two months include the ones from Sept-October in addition to the new ones through December? Or do we have to do one in November and one in December to be eligible? Or both? I would appreciate a swift response, thanks.

Hey JETventureBurntUmber522! The two months include the first month from September, and the current month in November. You will be eligible for the bonus Razer Swag as long as you've completed the tasks from September and November! :smile_: