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330W+100W+100W Charging Razer Blade 18

  • 15 June 2024
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My Razer Blade 18 laptop came with a 330W Power Brick. It has 2 female USB-C input ports. One Anker Prime Power Bank is 20,000mAh total 200W output such that it has 2 USB-C female ports rated at 100W output each. I intend to connect 2 100W USB-C cables from the power bank to charge my laptop via its two ports. And the 330W Power Brick.

This will theoretically result in 530W of input before some loss of energy due to non-100% inefficiencies. Query #1: Does the Razer Blade actually support this total power input in this configuration? (I've read that the USB-C ports on the laptop each are max 100W.) Query #2: Will it severely damage the laptop?

Now assume I left the power brick at home and I'm on the go with one Anker Prime aforementioned. Charging the laptop at 200W, Query #3: Does the laptop’s battery accept input power from its two separate USB-C input ports SUCH that the electricity is from the same output source (one Anker Prime powerbank)?

Thank you for your time.


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