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battery life on my device was poor

  • 13 March 2023
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Initially, I found that the battery life on my device was poor, even when performing basic tasks such as coding or browsing the internet. However, after making a few changes, I am now able to get approximately 5 hours of battery life. I have compiled a list of modifications to make when switching to battery mode:

  • Activate Battery Saver Mode
  • Decrease Monitor Refresh Rate
  • Reduce Monitor and Keyboard Brightness
  • Close all Razer applications (Synapse, Cortex, etc.) as they consume excessive power
  • Terminate Chrome Visualizer in Task Manager
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Activate Power Saver Mode in Browser (Brave Browser is power hungry but performs well in power saver mode)
  • Adjust CPU maximum to 99% on battery in Windows Power Options.

Although most of these changes are self-evident, it was the browser power saver mode and Chroma Visualizer task that had the most significant impact on battery life, resulting in a mere 1-2 hours of usage.

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