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benefits to the 3070 version

  • 21 March 2023
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I have a good opportunity to purchase a Razer Blade 14 RTX 3060 laptop which I intend to use as a mobile gaming device with an Alienware AW2521HFA screen. Although the 3070 version is slightly more powerful, I'm not well-versed in laptops and I'm wondering if there are any downsides to getting the 3060 version instead. I understand that the 3070 version comes with a 1440p screen, but since I'll be using my Alienware screen, that should not matter much, right? Additionally, I'm curious if there are any benefits to the 3070 version that I may not be aware of.

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3070 has more vram, if you play vram hunger games like watchdogs legions, RE village on your Alienware native resolution ultra setting it’ll easily eat all your v ram resulting lag here and there, heck my 3070 8gb is already full on that setting needs to low to high. However I don’t think 3060 us a good  card for 1440p ultra, maybe high or ultra at 1080p.