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Blade 17 - external monitor via USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 not working

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This is not resolved. I am able to confirm that this is not a Razer Dock issue - when I attach my Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 9310 to the dock the monitors work just fine.
However when I use my Razer Blade 15 (2022) with a RTX 3080 TI, it refuses to recognize more than one external display. When I attach the 2nd monitor via the other Thunderbolt slot, the monitor works fine.
The displays are both Dell U2515H with 2560x1440 @ 60Hz. So bandwidth should not be a problem.

I have multiple co-workers experiencing the exact same problem on all mentioned driver versions. This makes using the Razer Blade 15 2022 unfit as a proper workstation laptop.
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@Razer.Speedcr0ss good morning!

We still have issues with external displays, and workarounds no longer work 😕
Any ideas? Are you able to escalate this, so it gets prioritized?

i use razer blade 17 2022 with 3080ti with Lenovo USB-c dock and everything works flawlessly.
Latest nvidia hot fix drivers, i have not done any bios updates but i think it is on the latest one as the blade was purchased on 15. September
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@Razer.Speedcr0ss good morning!

We still have issues with external displays, and workarounds no longer work 😕
Any ideas? Are you able to escalate this, so it gets prioritized?


Hey GipsySnake and everyone who still have an issue, please send me a PM or submit a case through this link so our Support Team can help us re-escalate each laptop's concern to our devs. I appreciate your cooperation.
having the same issue as well
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having the same issue as well

I replied to your message. By the way, I am waiting for our Support Team and developer's confirmation of what the other units are still experiencing. I appreciate everyone's cooperation.
having the same issue as well
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Hey everyone! Our devs and Support Team are revisiting the laptop's USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 behavior. The team appreciates it if you'll initiate a case number and report your unit's concern here. Otherwise, you can send me a PM so I can create a support ticket on your behalf. Thanks for your joint interest.
I am having this same issue. I have started a support case
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I am having this same issue. I have started a support case

Thanks, Prunecovebuzz314! Should you need assistance, please send me a ping. Cheer!
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I am having this same issue. I have started a support case

You did update from the stock drivers to new on geforce expiriance ?

I have the 15 advanced 2021, and everything was working perfect until I updated the bios. Then the monitor stopped working. When I look at the nvidia GPU app that lets you see what program is using which GPU, it say that the monitor is hooked up. To it, but it doesn’t detect a second monitor when I go to display settings. 

I’ve been going USB-C to DP 1.4 directly into the monitor because it wasn’t working through the dock like everyone here has been experiencing. I had to take my 2021 15 Advanced (intel) with me from the desk and when I came back I thought id give an other try pass through the dock and I was flabergasted to see that IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I can get power, display, everything through the one port on the left, no problem. I haven’t tried on the right side, but dont want it there anyways because mouse movement, I hope others here have found this to be the case. I don’t know what did it, the latest Nvidia update or what but I am glad to FINALLY have this thing working as intended. 🙌

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Yeah it is either some driver issue, BIOS issue, or us few have defective units

Just purchased this new Razer Blade 17. Connecting to an external monitor with a USB-C-to-display-port cable, and a straight display port cable. From either of the Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) ports. No signal detected from monitor. Whenever I plug in a monitor, NVIDIA control panel shows Optimus as the active graphics adapter. And the NVIDIA GPU becomes disabled and I'm unable to select. See screenshot.

I just used the Razer BIOS updater and updated the EC as well.

Model: (*Omitted)

Any help is greatly appreciated!



I think it’s a combination of things.
At work my razer blade 17 mid 2021 with RTX 3070 works when connected to a docking station 65W, it charges and it displays suff on 2 external monitors connected to the docking station.

At home if I connect my laptop to my LG screen 5K2K which delivers 96 watts, it does not work, no image no charging - well sometimes it works like 30 seconds until some BS gets loaded (file, driver, setting, god knows) and then nothing. If I plug the power cable, everything works fine.

So thunderbolt cable from laptop to monitor PLUS power cable WORKS WELL.

BUT With the last version of the nvidia drivers it doesn’t display anything.

I believe it’s a combination of driver issues maybe with power management or thunderbolt 4 as well.
And maybe windows messing this up.


I’m on windows 11 and I made a bios update for the GPU thing.

I’m supposed to work on this machine, I can’t spend my time trying to fix things.



For my Blade 17 (22) it worked out in the strange way:

I had the same issue. Also I tried to change GPU mode to “Dedicated GPU only”. After restarting the system, GPU mode remains “NVIDIA Optimus”, but for some reason I can now use my external monitor with USB-C.

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In the meantime my laptop died, it didn’t want to turn on anymore…

So I believe it’s another defective unit with voltage/electricity issues. I’ll let you know once I have the diagnostic from the shop.
What a pity!
And razer still dodn’t answer my post.
Does smb know how to contact razer support?

It sounds like you are experiencing issues with your new Razer Blade 17 and connecting to an external monitor. Updating the BIOS and EC was a good first step. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers as well? Sometimes outdated drivers can cause issues with external displays. You may also want to check the settings in your NVIDIA Control Panel to ensure that everything is configured correctly for an external monitor. If none of these steps work, I would recommend reaching out to Razer support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or even replace the device if necessary.


I just updated my NVidia Driver to the latest Game Ready version (531.41, released 03/23/2023) and this resolved my issue.  For those still suffering, give that a try.

This is literally still happening, a 9 month old issue, what the hell are you guys even doing? You charge like $4000 AUD for your most baseline laptops and look at the shitty firmware you put out. Same exact issue happening for me with literally any display being used over a TB4 docking station, bandwidth is not the problem with a single 1080p display being driven over it. 

I have the same issue with my laptop. I bought it a couple of month ago, but I see this problem is several month old. Has anyone fixed this issue?

I am looking at purchasing a portable monitor to work with my 2020 Razor Blade 17 & see all of the issues.  Which monitor works the best with this laptop?  

I have the exact same issue on the BRAND NEW Razor Blade 14 2023 Ryzen 9 APU and Nvidia 4070. I put a ticket in and they sent me a generic response. I sent this to them and tried to make it as clear as possible:


“Razer Blade 14 2023 connected to Chroma Dock v2 no monitor outputs function with this laptop. I have tested the dock with another laptop successfully. I have factory restored the laptop and the issue persists.

I have installed the AMD drivers available in downloads from your support page following specific directions. The issue persists.

I have completely uninstalled all video drivers in safe mode AMD and Nvidia. The reinstalled your newest AMD driver from Support page in order then NVIDEA drivers. The issue persists.

The dock and laptop did work before with all monitor outputs but now ceases to function only with display out. All other functions on the USB 3.0 Ports function normally. This is only video out on the DOCK.

I have updated Nvidia drivers and windows software to newest and the issue persists.

HDMI out on physical laptop works normally. The laptop did display HDMI out on dock on initial install. After a windows update or Nvidia update and restart it never worked again after all the troubleshooting steps I have done.”


I just Purchased this laptop on the 17th, and have only been trying to fix it the entire time. It worked the first night for a few hours until a reboot with updates. 

I have a blade 17 and had similar issues - could not connect my USB C port to my external monitor.  I actually had two external monitors I wanted to connect.  In the end, I went for this solution to use one of the USB ports instead: WAVLINK USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter- Supports 6 Monitor Displays, 4K and 1080p External Video Display, Compatible with M1/M2 Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, Android 7.1+ : Electronics .


However, after connecting it successfully to both monitors via USB, I decided to give the included USB C adapter a try.  And it worked.  I was able to connect to both monitors with either USB or USB C connectors using this external monitor adapter.

I got external display to work via USB C. Removed battery and CMOS battery, waited 10 minutes, put it all back together and USB C to any display works perfectly now.

I can unequivocally verify that reverting to version 512.95 or any prior iteration, indeed RESOLVES the issue! The enigma remains, whether this enigma pertains solely to Razer's realm or is a byproduct of Nvidia's domain. Nevertheless, one can only hope for a swift rectification.

P.S. Harnessing the prowess of the Razer Thunderbolt 4 Dock in harmony with my esteemed RZ09-0423x NED3-R3E1, seamlessly navigating the intricate dimensions of the Alienware AW3423DW, I find myself in a state of sheer contentment online2yu. Fortuitously, the utilization of a Thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort 1.4 cable augments this symphony of technological excellence.