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Cant find a Razer Blade 15 4k + 1070

  • 3 February 2019
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I've been waiting for the blade 15 4k 1070 to come down in price and now that the new RTX line up has come i was hoping it would finally come down in price. However i cannot find a vendor that sells new 1070 max q blade 15's with the 4k panel. Anyone know where i can buy it?

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2 Replies

Unfortunately only Razer and Amazon have sold the 4K model as far as I’ve seen and both have barely been able to keep it stocked, so now that it’s basically discontinued and the RTX model hasn’t been released for the 4K variant, we are kinda out of luck :(

Stinks. Need a machine for the first of March so I may end up having to go Alienware so that it gets here on time since it’s about the only other machine with a 4K screen and high end RTX. Aero I guess. It would be nice if Razer had a timeline of when the 4K version will come out, but since they don’t, I’m tempted to assume it won’t be in my timeline.
They do have refurbished 4K+1070 though