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Charging Issue 15 Advanced (RZ09-0409)

NOTE: I originally made this post in General Discussions earlier. I believe that was the Wrong location to post.


When I connect my Razer Blade 2021 to my charger it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I’ve also followed this from Razer: and nothing worked. Any possible solutions?

Troubleshooting I’ve Done:

  • Bought a new official Razer charger and the problem still prosiest.
  • Checked the battery as well and it’s not swollen
  • Powered the System with battery disconnected while the charger connected. The same thing happens. HOWEVER, the system does not turn off. Windows still shows the charger being connected and disconnected and my laptop backlight keyboard keeps turning on and off (My RGB profile settings is set to turn on only when connected to a power source.)

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I have the same problem - the problem seems to be increasing with the 2021 generation. Feedback from Razer would be appropriate.

Otherwise, it's probably worth going to a competitor and not throwing 3000€ down Razer's throat again.

I’ve got the same problem with RZ09-040X. Any update on this?

I got same problem but with blade 17 with the same year as your (RZ09-0406). 

I try charge it with type C for few moment (around 5 Min) then charge it with main charger for few moment then charge it again with type C and repeat. I do it 3 times and somehow the main charger not disconnecting. Then I downgrade to windows 10

somehow that method solve the problem. I still not sure what the cause of the problem.