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  • 6 January 2019
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hey so i bought my Razer Blade Stealth back in 2016 and i am giving it to my little brother and he wanted fl studios on it. i remember when i got it there was something about FL studios and getting a free copy of it when u purchase the laptop. i was wondering if anyone knows how that works because i cant really find anything on it.

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I think it may be to late to get that free copy since you purchased it way back in 2016, however if you did register the machine in synapse or on the Razer ID site for warranty and everything, you can check the email you used for that and you may be able to find an old code, since I heard that is how they were giving out the codes.

I don't own a blade of any kind though, so I am not sure 100% that is how they did it back when you brought yours, however I do believe it is how it works now.