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NEED HELP SPEAKERS, Razer 14 paypal reward

  • 6 May 2019
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ok so basically my laptop was running linux and everything was going fine, but when my friend sold the laptop to me i formatted the laptop and installed windows on it with all the correct drivers from the site, but my speakers weren't working and the earphone sound quality was absolute ass, for example when listening to music the vocals are lower than the instruments and the bass is distorted af, I've tried basically every troubleshooting method ik and with no sign of the issue being resolved i reset the laptop again and installed all the correct drivers but again i face the same issue pleaseee help me $5 paypal to anyone that can resolve my issue lol

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1 Reply

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When it was working fine on Linux then it should be missing driver, ask support for usb recovery stick for your Blade and provide them with your Blade details like purchase date etc from your friend. It’ll make it the same factory default setting that probably solve your speakers issue.