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Razer Blade 15 2019 base battery not charging

  • 30 November 2023
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I recently experienced the battery bloat issue I've read so much about online. I ordered a battery off of amazon, installed it and the computer booted up immediately.

Then I tried to plug it in to recharge the battery but it wasnt recognizing the power adapter and the battery discharged itself and the laptop shut down. 

Since then I have not been able to reboot the device. The power brick has a green LED light on it but the laptop showed a red light and died. Theres no green light saying it charging. 

The laptop also isnt booting at all. I read that with a dead battery it should still boot using the power adapter plugged in. But this is not the case. The laptop does nothing.

How do i fix this issue? Ive tried the steps on the razer troubleshooting page but nothing seems to work. 

Is my power adapter defective? It appears to be working fine.

Please help.

At least let me know if the laptop is trash so I can cut my losses, and return the new battery in time for a refund. 

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