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Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2021 2nd NVMe SSD installation

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if you get both in is it possible to set it up as a raid 0 stripe for a single fast volume for windows ?
thank you for all this information.
again thank you bro for this information.
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im shocked about cutting of nmve drive cover to fit ssd. just shocked was this only 2020 crazy after company been around so long. did not like video.
I've made video on how to install NVME :)

Actually copied from original AD

so good method for showing . georgeus.

each slots have 4tb pci-gen4 maximum limit on blade 15 advance with 11th gen itel cpu models it is intel s data for 11th gen cpus.
Thanks! I think i am referring to that foam backed sticker, was a bit worrried that adding an additional SSD would void the warranty as i would have to remove the foam backed sticker to install the additional ssd. I have been looking everywhere for a video on installing the second ssd but have not had any luck! Thank you!

Just an FYI... that doesn't void the warranty (at least in the US). That hasn't been the law in 50 years.
I'm not able to remove the screw on the plate to secure the second ssd. Does anyone know what size philips head should work? Is is possible to buy a replacement plate?

I need to buy a replacement plate too, please let me know if you found one!
To install a 2.5" CCD in the system unit, proceed.