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razer blade 15 bios loop

  • 19 April 2023
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Razer blade 15 mid 2021 19 11900h rtx 3080 32 gb ram 4k oled

I was using my laptop as normal when I had a blue screen bsod. The blue screen was stuck at 0% and stayed that way until the laptop ran out of battery. Once the laptop started it booted straight to bios. When I exited bios it restarted and booted back to bios again. I tried booting it in recovery mode and nothing happened. It would say it the top left "entering recovery mode" and then it would just boot back to bios. I have looked at forums and haven't been able to find anything to fix this issue. Please let me know if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix this.

1 Reply

I have the same problem. Is there a fix?