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Razer Blade 17 Support for WD Black SN850

  • 8 April 2022
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Will the new (2022) Blade 17 support two 1TB WD Black SN850's in a raid 0 configuration? Also, it is my understanding that the WD runs hot. Is anyone aware of whether or not this is a problem in this laptop and, if so, would a pair of Samsung 980 Pros or Sabrent Rocket 4s be better?

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3 Replies

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It should work flawlessly. Never had any problems with WD or Crucial or Samsung SSDs.
When it runs hot you can always apply thin copper plate on it (some Samsung NVMEs had such thing under sticker).
To any who are considering this option, so far, I have not had any issues with my system after this upgrade. Performance is fantastic. Using Crystal Disk Mark I am getting the following numbers:
[indent]SEQ1M Q8T1 Read: 13239.76 MB/s Write: 7841.77 MB/s
SEQ1M Q1T1 Read: 6460.63 MB/s Write: 4485.85 MB/s
RND4K Q32T1 Read: 457.43 Write: 394.35
RND4K Q1T1 Read: 64.67 Write: 130.75[/indent]
I do notice heat under my left palm when gaming for a long time and the top of the laptop above the function keys still gets very hot to the touch but the system does not seem to be throttling so it's my guess that Razer tuned this laptop (like they do every laptop) to run at the maximum edge of performance. Really enjoying this machine!!!
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Nice performance.
Dunno how much space left between nvme drive and laptop case, but sometimes it's possible to install thin copper heatsink on the drive, to lower temperatures a bit.