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Razer Blade 2022 240Hz oled - Lagging touchpad


I  just got a Razer Blade 15 2022 with the 240hz OLED screen.  It’s my first Razer laptop but I’m in tech for many years and have had many other laptops.  It’s nice but I’m having a problem with the touchpad getting really laggy.  It seems to happen mostly when plugged in (maybe exclusively not sure as I have not used it enough yet).  Power modes and screen refresh don’t seem to matter.  It’s really weird.  It can be working fine, I think, then I shake the pointer going back and forth to verify and for the first few back and forths its fine, then suddenly switches to the laggy mess.  It can switch back to fine, not sure what the trigger is.  It might even be typing as the problem is coming and going as I post this and check for lag. 

It’s really annoying.   I’m over shooting menus and buttons like crazy.

Anyone have experience with this?  Right now I’m feeling like my laptop is faulty but not sure.



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I have the same issue
if you solved it , please help me 

It turned out to be the charger.  It only happened when plugged in and more specifically when using a third party charger.  I contacted the third party and it was a known problem.  They sent me an updated power brick and the issue got better but not gone..  I have not decided what to do with the third party charger.  It works fine with another non razer laptop I have so I may keep it.  The problem does not happen at all using the OEM power charger.  It seems the Razer is more sensitive than other manufacturers. Hope that helps.