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Stealth 13 (late 2019) hinge tightness?

  • 27 March 2020
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Hello all, my first post here and my first razer laptop (stealth 13 gtx 1650 model). I like everything about it and have had no issues other than the hinge. It may be my ocd, but it seems a bit too loose to me so I wanted to get other owners input to see if it's just mine or that's just how the laptop is.

To be clear, the hinge itself isn't broken / moving and it opens and closes perfectly fine, but when you open it the screen vibrates a bit before settling in place. If the surface it's on is bumped even lightly, the screen vibrates a bit. If I'm typing with a bit of pressure, the screen will move / vibrate. It's not a lot, but enough to be annoying on such an expensive laptop.

So, looking for any feedback from other owners. Thanks in advance.

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5 Replies

Meins hat auch ein bisschen Beweglichkeit beim auf und zu klappen. Ist es z.B. aufgelappt, und ich bewege das die Display ist hier ein wenig Spiel bevor er feststeht. Hab da zu Anfangs nicht gehabt. Da ich aber die M.2 getauscht habe, vermute ich, das ich die Schrauben auf der Unterseite nicht richtig angezogen habe oder vertauscht. Vielleicht ist das bei deinem auch so. Schon was am Gerät geöffnet?

Mine also has a little flexibility in opening and closing. For example, if it's open and I move it, the display will be a little playful before it's fixed. Didn't have that in the beginning. But since I swapped the M.2, I guess I didn't tighten the screws on the underside properly or swapped them. Maybe it's the same with yours. Anything open on the device yet?
No, I haven't opened mine at all. I'm also wondering if it's possible to tighten hinge. It's an amazing little machine but not sure if I'm going to keep it.
Scharniere haben meist immer mit der Unterseite, bzw. dessen Schrauben zu tuen. Aber schlimm ist es nicht. Ich denke hier, und da spreche ich aus Erfahrung, das es im Toleranz Bereich ist. Das haben auch andere Hersteller, habe hier beruflich viel mit Notebooks zu tuen.

Hinges usually always have to do with the underside or its screws. But it is not bad. I think here, and I speak from experience, that it is in the tolerance range. Other manufacturers also have this, I have a lot to do with notebooks.
I've owned and used a lot of laptops as well and none of them have had the screen wobble when I type. As I said, it's not terrible, but for the high price of the laptop I think it should be better.
Ja, also das hört sich tatsächlich so an, als wäre hier die Qualitätskontrolle bei deinem Gerät nicht so gut gewesen. Mal dem Support oder Händler angeschrieben?

Yes, well, it actually sounds as if the quality control of your device was not that good here. Did you contact support or the dealer?