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Thermal Specs?

  • 13 January 2019
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Hey all,

I'm looking to upgrade my laptop to something that can handle some heavier Machine Learning workloads and light gaming. The Blade '13 and blade 15's look very appealing to me but I'm a bit nervous of the reviews mentioning them running hot, I'm looking forward to getting discrete graphics in a laptop, but I'm concerned that the machine might run too hot for my preferences.

Are there official max temperature ratings for the different configurations? e.g. if I was in a near benchmark workload for 3-6 hours how hot would a razer 13 get? would the 15 stay cooler?

thanks in advance!

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The heat that is produced on laptop mainly comes from cpu and gpu, both are not from Razer, but Intel for cpu with max Temperature for 8th gen cpu 100 and Nvidia for gpu which is 105 degrees max when I’m not wrong, that are officially max temperature for those components and system may shut down once it reaches those temperatures. But users are uncomfortable when it is already on 90ish. So they’re including me doing some tweaks like undervolting or some are even repasting the factory thermal paste with a better compound.
For usage, it depends on you, for example on paperwork and media consumption, i’m fine putting my Blade 15 and stealth (2016) on my lap for hours, but not on gaming, since the aluminum cassis has also function to transfer the heat from parts inside.
Because Blade 15 bigger and having bigger cooling room it doesn’t mean it runs cooler than stealth with MX150, Blade 15 has higher tdp and better performance cpu and gpu that produce more heat than lower tdp cpu and gpu on stealth. And stealth is one of the ultrabook out there that has dual fans, for machine learning because I don’t do that so I’m not sure, but for gaming it’ll be fine (not sure on MX150 stealth since I’ve still stealth v2 2016), i played on weekend quite long darksider 3 without help from Razer Core.