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[TotW] Laptop or Tower?

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I had one laptop - a mid-2012 Macbook Pro which I needed for school at the time. Soon after, we moved onto iPads when they were required. I sold my laptop 2 or 3 years ago. I then started university but still didn't require a laptop, as the campus had enough desktops available - all new and with i5 or i7. A few times I did use my phone where a laptop would've been much more productive though. I never used it at home as I've got a tower, which I've changed several parts on.
I don't like the idea of buying a laptop which doesn't have interchangeable parts - is there even such thing anymore? (apart from RAM & storage) - but sometimes it is necessary for portability.
A tower. That feeling of adult lego building your first rig is one of the nicest feelings you can have. It's easier to upgrade and more cost-efficient. Only thing it lacks is mobility, but unless you're always on the move I would go for a tower anytime.
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I like both. I prefer a dedicated tower but being able to disconnect and take the system nearly anywhere is also super appealing.Especially when it's as powerful as a blade. Gaming on the go is great! I wish extremely powerful gaming laptops existed back in the day because it would have made lan parties much easier hahaha!

So I do love the convenience of a powerful laptop, but deep down I really prefer a dedicated rig because you have the ability to run the system at full power if you need. Storage space is also a lot more abundant. There's a joy you get from starting a build from scratch. Especially if you're into case modding, putting tons of hard work customizing a rig to your exact specifications and look just can't be obtained with most portables.
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I was sceptical about laptops couple years ago, until I got one, no more desktops for me for sure
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Tower anytime any day
Both answers

Tower for Gaming Build or Server Build at home

Laptop to bring everywhere outside

if you are smart use your tower outside (Just kidding Don't)
The portability that a laptop offers is what you are missing from a desktop. I used to have a laptop for gaming and i really liked it when i went to my friends house and we were playing all together.
PC or Laptop is a little Battle as PS4 or XBox 🙂
Tower build. better performance
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Also used to have a Gateway 2000 and Sidewinder. I miss that joystick, don't know if anything more useful has been made since .
However, it has a battery, which of course not only requires more resources to manufacture, but degrades over time. In addition, you can't swap components like you can with a PC. An old laptop could be in good condition, have a perfectly working keyboard, screen and whatnot, but you'd probably need to replace the whole thing because of one or more parts no longer meeting performance requirements, for example.

Truth hurts. Sadly I'm in need of a new laptop due to old un-swapable parts so I feel ya.
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I've own a few laptops over time but I am and always be a Tower boy.
The possibilities are endless, it's cheaper, more durable, much more simple to maintain and quite easy to upgrade (with some limitations as time goes by).
I'm saving for my next rig and I love how I can spend ( my wife would say waste :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:) so much time on planing what I could put in it and how much it will cost from 450 to 1200€ and never be bored.
No laptop even customizable can make me feel like this.
Laptop for me definitely. Despite laptop being more expensive for same performance, this is less of a deal for me than being able to take my gaming computer with me when I travel.

This is the same reason why the only console that I have is the Switch. 🙂

you should give yourself like 1000 zsilver for using that CompUSA image =)

Agreed, as a fellow-former CompUSA shopper...