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(video) Fan sounds plugged in not gaming 2019 rb 15

  • 28 February 2019
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Okay, so I totally get that the fans are loud in general. It makes sense; its a thin and light device packing in so much power.

I'm also not talking about the fans revving up when not gaming. I get plugging your device in offers turbo boost thus your fans are bound to come in and out even while reading nothing but a word document.

what I'm curious about is the high frequency sound that accompanies it. the fan itself is low(low rpm) naturally because I'm not doing anything, and it comes and goes as I browse(once again, no problem unless this isn't normal too =0).

listen for the high pitched siren.

just so you don't confuse static noise for fans, here is a video of my laptop when the fans are not spinning(plugged in)

either way Im planning on stopping by the MS store but wanted to know your input

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Optimus should make it silent on idle (unless you use external monitor through DP or hdmi that shut the optimus up), maybe it’s still not optimized yet since quite new hardware. I think it’s similar with late Blade 2016 when it just got pascal 1060 update, I rejected that, but that fans noise issue was addressed with bios update later, though at that time there was also gpu performance issue that fixed by that update.