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Barracuda X EQ settings/ Nintendo Switch

  • 22 October 2023
  • 3 replies

Barracuda X pairs easily with my Nintendo Switch.  My question is, when using the Audio App on my iPhone, when I select Gaming Mode or adjust the EQ settings, do those settings carry over to the Switch when I connect the headphones?  Or are those settings in the app only applied on my iPhone, for mobile gaming, music, etc.?

3 Replies

Did you find it out?

I‘ve ordered the Barracuda X (2022) and have the exact same question if it is possible to use the EQ settings on the phone/pc app carry over on my PS5.

I know that it‘s possible from other headsets when the dongle/base or the headset itself has a on-board memory feature. 

Sadly, not yet.  Razer support is a joke, they haven’t helped at all.  Reddit users don’t have any answers either, to date.  Sorry man. 

Yes it does carry over