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BlackShark v2 Pro 2020 - Where's the USB Dongle????

  • 23 December 2023
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Seriously Razer, WTF?

My son lost his USB Dongle on a road trip a few months ago, I’ve been patiently waiting for the $20 replacement dongle to come back in stock, now the page where it used to be is 404 and doesn’t even exist????


Had to resort to paying almost $40 for a scalper replacement.

If you are not going to support your customers and make parts available, why am I buying your products?

4 Replies

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Been dealing with the same issue for months now. Razer just discontinues part support for older models in order to force new ones. Your final question is a good one with a simple answer, don't buy their products.

So Razer Support and Social Media team wanted Serial Number, Model Number, first born, etc.

I ended up just buying one from an eBay seller for like $27.

I had to run the Black Shark V2 Pro_FirmwareUpdater_v1.00.13_r3.exe to flash both the Dongle and the Headset, which also re-paired them.

Too bad Razer makes it so hard to give them $20 for a simple replacement part.


I have a full Razer PC build I was getting ready to do and now I’m second guessing it.

Looks like i cant count on them, either.

Thanks for the knowledge Mr Casper

Same Problem with my Nari, no replacement parts at all. No Support, over one week only “sorry, we hear you.” 

Thanks for Nothing Razer, the next Hardware from another Brand for me.

Never Again