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Blackshark v2 pro 2023 audio problems

  • 26 January 2024
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So, I opened a ticket with support and the email I received told me to check this place out while waiting for a response. I see many others here have similar issues but no fix has been posted. Might as well share.

I have two issues with the audio of my Blackshark v2 pro 2023 headset. I have an MSI Alpha 17 c7v Windows 11 laptop and I have tried every possible solution I could find on Google and the Razer troubleshooting guide. 

  1. The headset’s volume slider changes the master volume of Windows instead of just the headset. Also, Windows recognizes the headset as ‘speakers’ instead of ‘headset’. I don’t know if that could be the issue here, but I had another headset before this one, a wired one, and it had no such problem.  A friend of mine has a 2020 version of this headset and told me he has no such issues.
  2. When there is no audio playing, the headset produces some white noise and crackling sounds. While there is audio playing, via YouTube for example, there is no such problem. Also, major problems occur while playing games. For some games, like Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur’s Gate 3, the only issue I have is the audio ‘violently’ breaking off and coming back on during loading screens and game start up. I assumed this is not a headset problem. For some other games however, like Mortal Kombat 11, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Greedfall, the audio has severe issues. Turns on and off, goes from high to low, no matter what ingame audio setting I apply the volume is always loud, there are crackling and ripping noises all over. Again, I had no such problems with my old wired headset and I have also tried plugging in my wired phone earbuds and no problem with them either.

Here is the fun part. I connected the headphones via Bluetooth instead, I pluged out the usb dongle and the video game problems go away. I tried plugging it in to other usb ports, same problem. So seems to be some kind of issue with the dongle or the software on it. Via Bluetooth, the headset gets recognized as a ‘headset’ and not as ‘speakers’. The sound is crystal, but the quality of the microphone turns horrible. 

So, Razer, bros, what the hell guys? I like the headset but I don’t wanna use Bluetooth and via usb its unusable for gaming. What’s the fix?

Can anyone here help?


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I have managed to fix some of the problems myself. I had Synapse 3 installed earlier and deleting or reinstalling it, alongside all of the relevant drivers, didn’t fix the issue. Decided to check out the new Synapse Beta instead, and it fixed the audio tearing and disappearing problem I had in games before. Anyone reading who hasn’t tried this yet might wanna give it a shot. But now, there is a light static sound coming from the headset even when nothing is playing. Seems to be a software issue.

As for the PC recognizing the headset as ‘speakers’ and ‘microphone’ separately and changing the master volume instead of the ‘speakers’ one, I have tried them on a different laptop and it  is the same. I don’t have access to a desktop to test them. So, could be a laptop thing. 

Razer tech support was of no help, all they could do is offer a replacement of the headset. But, seeing how there are others here who experienced the same problem with the replacement as well, I have little hope that another pair would function differently. I might refund them instead, as the store I bought them from offers full refunds. Gotta say, for a 200 euro headset, this has been most disappointing. 

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I empathize, I spend a lot of time in DAWs, but I also spend a lot of time gaming. I rely on the headset to have a stable connection when I’m tracking enemy footsteps, but the glitching at random ruins that. I’ve been having it cut out while working on music. It’s really starting to push me over the edge, tbh. It’s ruining my productions.

Got my razer blackshark V2 pro yesterday. i turned it on and immidently got a constant buzzing its kinda annoying for this 200 eur mark it should not be doing this. ive tested all my usb slots so its inside the headset (tech problems)