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Kraken Pro V2

  • 24 November 2019
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Hello, I have Kraken Pro V2 headphones and I have one problem with them that can be seen in the attached photo, the ear pads began to crash. My question is whether it is possible to buy ear pads only?

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Razer used to sell the ear cushions for those headphones (stock and they also had a cooling gel infused version like all the new headsets come with), however they have been out of stock now for well over a year, so I assume they are out of production since the headset itself is also out of production.

My Kraken 7.1 V2's had the same kind of ear cushions, however looking at my newer Kraken TE's, they use some kind of different way to put the ear cushions on the headset, meaning that any Kraken TE or newer Kraken ear cushions will not fit.

You can possibly buy a set of aftermarket ear cushions, on some site like ebay, however they would not be stock ear cushions.