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Leviathan or Nommo Pro which is the best ???

  • 21 January 2019
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i would like to buy a good pc speaker and i would like to know which is better between the Razer Nommo Pro and the Razer Leviathan ???? If some of you guys have one of those two speaker i want your comments about them... thanks a lot!

Leviathan or Nommo Pro which is the best ???

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2 Replies

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Don't have either of them (I have Nommo Chroma), but I would go for Nommo Pro because it's a newer product, and it's much more expensive than Leviathan (500$ comparing to 200$).
I mean, comparing only by price is dumb enough, but when you have such a difference - it tells you something.
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If you want best audio and chroma with THX and high clear audio go with Nommo Pro if you want something that less powerfull but more minimalistic go with lewiatan but the chroma will be only on nommo, If you want to ask something about nommo pro write i will be glad to anwear i have them for quite some time.