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No sound on records when using THX Spatial Audio

  • 30 October 2019
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Hello there. So when i record something using (Razer Nari Ultimate - Gaming) as default audio output i have the sound of game/desktop. But when i record something using (THX Spatial - Synapse) i get only the sound of my mic (and also that annoying sounds of actual gameplay that are leaking to my mic - also an issue.)
I know that many have said that - but this is ain't funny at all. We are spending a lot of money on this gear but getting a LOT of problems with them. Is there any way of fixing that one or it is just an another thing that i have to live with now?

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So, if someone has the same problem i found how to fix it:
Go to the Audio settings in Windows 10. At the bottom of the page there will be button called something like [Additional Sound Settings]. There you want to set NVIDIA Container output to the Razer Nari (Ultimate) - Game.

This helped me.
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Hey good job! I was actually looking into this with my kraken but it looks like you figured it out.