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Razer Barracuda X (2022) [RZ04-0443] Battery Percentage / Indicator Issue

  • 26 September 2023
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Has anyone here verified that the Connecting the Barracuda X 2022 in Razer Audio App would show its battery percentage? 

First time I’ve used the headset it was on 85% on the Audio app, and on PC when connected via BT. I’ve left it charging for over 3hrs with various methods, using Razer Cable, third-party cable, power-adapter and plugged into USB A on PC, but it still shows 85% on Audio App and in PC.

I factory reset the headset, and now it shows at 100% on audio app and PC, but not sure if that reflects the actual percentage, since I’ve been using if for 3hrs nonstop and it’s still at 100%. 

PS: Charging indicator never turned static green when charging, and was blinking green all the time, and I think this is a common bug across the barracuda x, I’m more concerned on monitoring  the actual battery % so I’d know when to charge and when to stop charging. 


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Update: Battery percentage on the Audio App wasn’t updating for the first 3hrs, but it started to reflect afterwards, it initially changed to 99% but decreased to match the actual % overtime. Still monitoring it as of writing, Now at 20hr continuous usage, and with 65% remaining battery. Will update once it gets depleted and start charging the headset. 


Drained down the battery to 3% with about 55hrs of total usage time, and charged for about 5hours. But when I powered it up, it still shows 3% on the app, and getting a ‘low battery’ message, until I plugged it back to charge for a couple of seconds while connected to the app, I guess that’s when it actually starts to reflect the battery percentage as it increased to 100% in a couple of seconds. 

Anyone experiencing the same? Is this a common bug?

I'm experiencing same issue. 

The solution I came up with is to factory restart and reconnect to the phone. After that the app displays correct battery level until next charging. Unfortunately, this means setting up equalizer again, and it's just not wort the hassle, so I resigned to charging when the red light starts to blink.


Been using this for a couple of weeks, and observed that there are instances wherein it takes a while for the app to get the actual percentage of the battery. so I just wait til I get the low battery notification before I charge it for a couple of hours to full. Its not much of an issue since you rarely have to charge it with about 40-50hrs of usage per full charge, and the app shows the actual percentage after some time of usage. 

I even updated to latest firmware, which includes a patch for incorrect battery percentage display, but still, it is the same. It shows 47% all of the time.

Why does my Barracuda X stucked at 50% while charging?

How to factory reset Barracuda X 2022?
Charged for about 7 Hours. But when I powered it up, it still shows 20% on the app, and getting a ‘low battery’ message.

When i pluuged charge and wait again, still show 20% battery and getting low battery message (Same)

Same here!

Razer, cant you patch that bug? i’m using latest firmware

Just connect as usual. It's in the settings.

I found workaround !

After you charged headset - just turn it on for some seconds before unplug cable. Then the charge level will be shown like real value.

If you already unplugged cable - just plug it again and turn on the headset (or turn on and plug cable).



Summary: it seems the charge level is updating inside headset software while it is ON.