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Razer Leviathan (V1) Bluetooth Not Detectable by PC

  • 23 March 2023
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Hi Guys, need your advice. I changed PC recently and tried to connect my Razer Leviathan (V1) to my new PC (Win11 Home) using Bluetooth but my PC couldn't detect it. I was able to find my speaker through my mobile phone Bluetooth but not my PC. My PC can detect other Bluetooth devices too, just not Razer Leviathan. 


I already did the following:

1) Windows Update to the latest

2) Updated all Audio and Bluetooth drivers to the latest via Device Manager. I even tried to uninstall the driver to reinstall again.

3) I factory reset my speaker by pressing the mute button for 10 seconds. Thereafter, I pressed >3 seconds on the Bluetooth to make sure it was blinking (pairing mode), which the speaker was detectable by my phone but not PC.

4) I could connect my speaker using AUX cable to my PC. I also updated the audio driver for it (latest) when connected. For convenience, I wish to use Bluetooth instead. It worked perfectly for my old PC (also went through win10 to 11 and had no issue).


Appreciate if someone can advise what else I could try in details. Thank you very much in advance!

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