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Razer Nari charging problem Is a manufacturing problem

  • 21 March 2023
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Now I used to sing the praises of the Razer Nari headset because audio wise It Is amazing BUT a few months of using this headset I noticed that when you charge the headset It would just die and this even happens when the battery Isn’t actually dead It will just cut power and when reconnecting the cable It would make the noise that Its connected then a second later It will disconnect I tried multiple cables and still nothing and this wasn’t only happening to me but my brother also I recomended him the headset too now all we have Is problems I am going to be buying a new headset In a few weeks I would not recommend the Nari now while the sound Is great this problem seems to be affecting a good amount of people.
I honestly think this Is a problem within the headset Its self.

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