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Razer Nari Ultimate review (long)

  • 30 June 2020
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\\Start of the review/
For those who interest themselves into knowing about a product that they may or may not buy. From a long time razer user and well over 2 years of Razer Nari Ultimate daily usage. This is my review on this headset.

~ Razer Nari Ultimate headset was an extremely exciting headset introducing new Haptic technology as well as amazing bass, sound and etc. ~

Now this is where it all slowly falls apart.. I bought this headset, despite the wopping price tag of 200$. But it didn't matter to me, I loved the features, I wanted them. Especially the haptics. So I was gonna pay for it without a second thought, despite watching reviews that said a lot of good things yet non of the things that I'm gonna mention.

Let's start with everything I love about this headset:

= The amazing sound quality that you hear for the first time with the added touch of haptic technology.
= Amazingly customizable EQ and other aspects
= Existing RGB software for all the colors you want to have, even with a visualizer
= Quite comfortable for long hours

And now let's move quickly over to just how much I hate everything about it:

Everything about it feels non premium, non ultimate, nothing of the sort. It's plastic, plastic with non long lasting parts. Meaning things will break no matter how careful or rough you have it.
= Cheap/ish / terrible design,
I had razer kraken 2.0 before buying this, that headset used to be amazing at being comfy and never needing to be readjusted constantly. This one is just.. one headset fits all. And that's where it falls apart because it just rests on your head slightly and if you will want to move your head, whether it's due to good music you love, or a jumpscare.. This headset will fly away. With on top of that, it feels rather heavy and bulky AF. I for example, have parts that already are lose and turn the way they shouldn't be. And I have imprints of the coutioning on top of my head from how heavy this headset is every single time.. Meaning if you wanna go out after a long session, you'll need to wash your head to not look like you've been bashed across the head.
= Sound..
I did say the sound is amazing.. However not fully in this case.. Over the long time that I've been using it, the sound over the time simply decreases in loudness somehow. I'm guessing parts being worn out but.. It sounds less loud than my earbuds and that's a bit sad because at first these were so extremely loud and I loved it. I could either blas my ears with music or stay at medium range where it's all nice and comfortable.
= Software, it's seriously f*cking terrible..
I mean it from the bottom of my heart.. It's been in beta or whatever for YEARS, HOWWWW!? It's still incredibly buggy, it produces even now a massive bug on my computer that I tried to fix yet with no effort as I just stopped bothering and accepted defeat. And the software is just slow.. The RGB doesn't work as well as you would ever be able to imagine, it randomly stops working. Even the RGB on my keyboard just randomly stops.
= Haptic technology (this one is gonna be a long one.)
Okay firstly, I love the idea of what haptics are.. Especially in a headset, it makes you feel like you're there in a festival. Who wouldn't want their headsets to vibrate off a bass especially if you're a fan of music genres like "hardstyle" it's one of the best experiences you can get and one of the main reasons I bought this. I wanted to feel that bass that it claimed, together with haptics to enhance it that much more.
Here is what you would not expect. Haptics use more power, obviously. Now get this, this headset is wireless. Like not the good kind of wireless.. Meaning if you walk past a wall, it's done. But besides that. It's wireless right? So normally you can listen to music or whatever on half volume or even max for good 8-10 hours I would say.. Now cut that into 3 hours with haptics on.. So you made a headset with a specific feature that basically stands out the most from your headset.. And you put a limit on how much you can use it. JUST HOW F*****G STUPID PEOPLE ARE MAKING THIS. Yes I'm mad. Yes I spent 200$ on this and I have every right to be angry at them for delivering this in worst way possible. So basically, I can't even use this feature IF I'm a gamer or a fan of music, listening to it all day. Because it will charge out my headset really quickly and on top of that it takes so many hours to recharge. That's why I'm so mad.. I bought this for this feature exactly just for them to s**t on it like that? Why is there no choice in making Razer Nari Ultimate with a wire. I would have 500% more use out of that than this piece of s**t. So the question I have is.. What's the reason behind making this feature if you can't even use for long..? This is the biggest reason as to why I'm never buying another razer product in the future, ESPECIALLY the headsets.

= I almost forgot about the microphone..
There's not much said about it, it's probably the cheapest thing about the entire headset. Ambient Noise Reduction works nicely though... But it sounds absolutely awful.. I had an issue for a long time where the audio from my mic, just stuttered and the people couldn't understand me.. So I just bought a mic that does the job in stead of this scrap. People can also hear everything off my headset through it somehow.. So it's useless if you wanna use it for calls and gaming.

~ I want to love razer and all of it's products.. I mean just look at it, the razer looks hella cool in most ways, the logo, products, outside designs. It's something that would kinda just scream the word, gamer. But at the same time it's just so terrible if you look past the first impressions. And sadly as you discover more, it just turns out to be another company that cares little about what they are selling. There's not even a section for feedback. That's how little they care about how they could improve from the community.

If anyone is ever willing to buy anything from razer, please do it with maximum caution. And just look for alternatives if possible as well as research.

\\End of review/

Anyone is welcome to put their own opinion or your own review if you do own the headset or just any products. This is my personal experience, feedback and all the issues I had. As well as frusturation.
Thank you for reading.:smile_:

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