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THX SPATIAL AUDIO says i have a session active when i start computer

  • 7 January 2024
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When I first installed Spatial Audio, I tried the 7 days and everything worked fine. Days later I bought it, everything worked perfectly.
The next day I started the PC I had two thx spatial audio open at the same time saying the following "A session is currently active on another system. Only one session per account is allowed". I ignored this warning because I clicked on the green box and started working normally, but then in the Game profiles & application mixer area the applications stopped appearing and every time I started a session, I had another tab open, that is, if the first time I had 2 , next 3, 4 and so on


6 Replies

I have the same problem.

Mine opens 5 sessions….

I also have the exact same problem. Every time I restart my PC a new THX program appears from nowhere on startup and every time I have to manually close them all because all of them say that it's already in use. Then I have to manually make every program from “Stereo” to “THX Spatial Audio”, “THX Environmental Audio" or "THX Competitive Audio” because it’s always like a brand new install. Then I have to go in the Audio settings of Windows and manually change from “Razer Barracuda X 2.4” to “THX Spatial” device even though it already set it to default!!!



Edit: even when I reinstall the app and remove the automatic start on Windows startup it STILL starts by itself and multiplies every single time I restart my PC !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Razer, PLEASE fix your software ASAP !!!

same exact problem

problem is caused by razer app engine. not thx spatial audio

Same here. Have to close several instances after every start. Very annoying!

RAZER BlackShark V2 X USB
Windows 10 Pro 22H2

same problem what i should to do?