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[GPU_TALK!] End of the line for Kepler series GPU~~~

  • 15 October 2021
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Just like how Microsoft no longer provide patches and security updates for old Windows OSs, that time has come for one of the GPU architecture from NVIDIA.

The Kepler series

Click the following link to get more information~~~

Nvidia officially ends driver support for Kepler GPUs, Windows 7 & 8 | TechSpot

Briefly; battlestations that are running on Windows with the Kepler series GPU will no longer receive the following updates from NVIDIA

  • Performance patches
  • Graphics optimizations

But the cards will receive critical security updates for next 3 years, but what is a GPU that does not deliver best gaming performance and optimizations?

By setting your gaming to low quality and resolution settings, you can still enjoy the games on the Kepler series.
I would advise to upgrade!!

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