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Streamers -- what setups are you using?

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As someone who doesn't stream or create content much, I'm not really all that experienced with the technicalities involved with content creation and streaming, from the electronic components to the lighting to the audio input/output. As such, I wanted to ask something of you out there, who stream or create content, or know people who stream and/or create content:

What setups do you use for streaming?

This would obviously include any relevant specs from your PC (or mobile devices, if that's your game), but I'm more interested (and I'm sure others are interested as well) in the streaming/content-creating components. This could be anything from lighting devices, soundproofing boards, headsets, microphones, software, capture cards, and so on. And to include the community, tell us what main part(s) of your setup you would recommend for casual or new streamers!

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