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Dock Station Recommendation

  • 22 March 2023
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I'm hoping to get clarification and recommendations for a docking station. 

I have the Razor Blade 14 2021 with 3070GPU and looking for a docking station. I'm confused about 1) if I can use a thunderbolt dock. I know the laptop doesn't support thunderbolt but keep seeing people say they used thunderbolt docks?? 2) why are there huge price differences between different docks with almost identical specs. Why are some $80 and others $350? What am I missing? 


I need to dock for the usual peripheral keyboard, mouse, audio out, sd card reader, ethernet and monitor. I'll be getting a new monitor so flexible on what video port is needed on the dock. I think it needs to have 100w PD from what I've read elsewhere. I'll only be using one monitor and don't game at all if that matters. I am a heavy Adobe user (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro) .  I'd like to spend as little as possible and is why I haven't bought the Razor dock. 


Any help demystifying this and/or recommendations on a low cost dock that fit my needs is appreciated! 



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