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I think I'm going to be returning my latest Raiju Tournament.

  • 18 March 2019
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This is my second Raiju and it came with v1.04 firmware installed. My first Raiju, which I returned, was the older version that I updated to v1.03.

This second Rajiu has performed "better" than the first. At least in terms of not just going totally crazy in the middle of game play. It does, however, not perform correctly. I don't know if it's input lag or hypersensitive stick input, but it is virtually impossible to use this controller on Overwatch. The movement on the screen does not track reliable to what I think I'm doing with the sticks. I have tried numerous in game adjustments to sensitivity and aim tracking, but none of them have helped.

I'm having a hard time pinning down exactly what is happening, but whatever it is, the controller is unusable. I have tested this thing against both my stock Dualshocks and my SCUF Infinity, and there is just very weird how the Raiju translates stick movement. I thought it might be lag caused by the bluetooth connection, but I used it in wired mode, and it maintained the same behavior.

It's really a shame, because overall the Raiju build quality is great. But as there seems to be no discussion about new firmware on the horizon, I think I'm going to return it before my window expires.

The Astro C40 is being released at the end of the month, and while it's more expensive, it may perhaps not be plagued with these problems.

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Pre-ordered the Astro C40. Initiated return process for my Raiju to Amazon. Sad, but this controller is just broken.