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"Phoenix" HOTAS (Chroma) by Razer

  • 21 January 2019
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I believe there is closed thread somewhere here, but it was before Ace Combat 7 arrived...

This beautiful game could be enhanced with a Razer (chroma, obviously) HOTAS compatible thrice for XBox, PS4 and PC. This would be the ultimate peripheral I would buy.

A good middle player (between thrustmaster and Logitec(Saitek)) could be FlashFire and its Cobra's Hotas.
Doing a partnership with them could be a good way to enter the market, as their price are slightly better than the two other, with a similar quality.

If other would go for a hotas (even for elite dangerous, star citizen, and other VR games), answer the poll above !

Am I in need for a Hotas

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An entire flight simulator set would be sweet.