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Raiju Ultimate dead (Razer Bootloader)

  • 4 November 2022
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Hi everyone,

after months without use it, my Razer Raiju Ultimate don´t connect with PS4.

The lights are on but I can´t put in pairing mode. Any button works.

The controller has FW 1.03 and I can´t upgrade to new versions. Seems 1.03 is the last firmware.

I try to connect to PC in USB mode but Windows recognize it as "Razer Bootloader" and I can´t use it.

The warranty period it´s over. I don´t have the purchase ticket.

Any solution?

It´s possible downgrade or upgrade to another version?

I´m looking for the fw 1.02 on internet for try to downgrade but I don´t find it...

Please I need helps my Raiju it´s a brick!!

1 Reply

Same problem with my wolverine ultimate.
Tried to do a firmware update but the process freezes and can not be finished.
The controller seems to be in connecting mode. remap button blinks fast but stops blinking when i hold the “D-pad UP” and “A” buttons.