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Razer Charging Stand for Xbox + Xbox Design Labs = Too Much Awesome?

  • 14 June 2023
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So, the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox is freaking amazing. I have two of them for the Robot White controllers I got for my Xbox One a few years ago. The overall aesthetic is beautiful with the color matching and the charging is reasonably quick.

I do, however, have one very minor complaint: I have a custom controller I ordered through Microsoft’s Xbox Design Labs site. It looks great, but I would really love a matching charging stand for it. Most of the “generic” charging stands out there are black (sometimes white) and almost all of them require replacing the battery cover with one that exposes the charging contacts unless I get one that requires me to take the battery out of the controller to charge it.

Now, if I had a “standard” color like the various options that are available from Razer, that would be fine. Razer even uses the same color names as those Microsoft uses on the Design Labs site, so you just know they’re going to match. But, according to Microsoft, the main body of my controller is “Astral Purple”, which is not an option for this stand from Razer. More frustrating to my need for symmetry and consistency is that, even if I did decide to go with one of the available colors for the stand itself, I’d still have to basically discard the purple battery cover and replace it with one that doesn’t match for the charger to be able to make contact with the battery.

I totally understand that they can’t be stocking an inventory of a bunch of items that aren’t going to sell quickly - it is a business, after all - but it would be fantastic if there were some options to get “custom” colors, even if it cost a little more and/or delayed the delivery a bit. I’d gladly make those concessions to get a charger that perfectly matches my controller. I mean, if there were a way to “coordinate” the two products, like “post a link to your Xbox Design Labs creation and we’ll get the right charging stand to match...”, that would be the end-all-be-all, but I should probably quit while I’m behind here.

Oh, and one other thing I thought about… What about making the batteries capable of wireless Qi charging? I mean, then we take those contacts and the necessary hole in the battery cover out of the picture entirely. That’d alleviate at least some of it…

Anyway, that’s my thoughts. Anyone else experience this dilemma?

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