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Razer PS4 controller with Apple iOS 13

  • 6 June 2019
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Hi everyone,

I have seen the iOS future compatibility with PS4 & Xbox controllers with iOS 13.

I have it on my iPhone installed, some people have managed to connect their DualShock controllers, saw it online. I have my Raiju controller for PS4 with me, I tried to connect it. No luck. Nothing to find online.

Was their any announcement from Razer for future compatibility?


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Well iOS 13 / iPadOS isn’t out yet. That’s why.

But its a good question is all xbox/PS4 controllers going to be MiFi certified controllers with iOS13 release or does every 3rd party need to sign up for compliance.

Usually its the latter but this can go both ways. I’m not a iPhone accessory manufacturer so I don’t know how tedious the process is, but for app developers we do need to get a special code from every manufacturer for every model our app works with.