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Razer Raju Ultimate Firmware

  • 2 January 2019
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im running firmware 1.01 ? on my razer ultimate but im having the problem that steering to the left reacts much slower than to the right ( left thumbstick) i have also drifting issues.

im running the controller only in wired mode on a ps4

im looking for a new firmware every week once but never find a new one

is this problem still in work ? otherwise i must think over returning my controller back to the vendor

does the razer tournament have the same problems with drifting and slow reactions ?

what is the actual firmware and where to download this beta firmware ?

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2 Replies

Theres a 1.02 beta software available for the TE and the UE by posting your problem in the support section and asking for it.
I run the 1.02 beta software on my 200€ Ultimate and it does absolutely NOTHING.
Still got stickdrift on both of the sticks and now the left stick turns slower to the left than it does to the right.
The release of these two controllers were a disaster and the fact that they havent fixed anything at this point is scandalous.
Theres no information given how they progress on these issues or what the 1.02 beta actually does.
I have to come here and check once or twice a week if these it-employees of razer actually did something.
As of now it looks like they took our money, got in the plane and waved bye bye.
New firmware for Raju Ultimate, new version is 1.03.

I asked to support and received it. I'll try it today.